Famke Janssen Height, Weight, Measurements, Bra Size


Famke Janssen Body Statistics

Famke Janssen Measurements: 36-25-36

Body Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)

Height: 6′ 0″ (182 cm)

Bra Size: 36B

Official Dress Size: 6

Official Shoe Size: 10

Natural Eye Color: Hazel

Natural Hair Color: Brunette

Similar Measurements: Ivanka Trump, Rebecca Romijn, Uma Thurman

Famke Janssen Personal Details

Birthday: November 5, 1964

Origin: Amstelveen, Netherlands

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (Sun), Scorpio (Moon). Chinese Astrology: Wood Dragon

Faith/Religion: Unknown

Job Title: Film Actress, Director

Claim To Fame: She has been cast in many memorable leading roles in blockbuster motion pictures including: GoldenEye, Deep Rising, Rounders, The Faculty, House on Haunted Hill, X-Men, The Wolverine, Taken and Taken 2.

Money Net Worth: She is currently estimated to have a money net worth of roughly $15 million.

Personal Relationships: Josh Peck (2009), Cole Frates (2006), Tod Williams (1995-00), York Shackleton (1993).

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Famously Spoken Words By Famke Janssen

I love stories about two people who are doing illegal things, who we really enjoy watching despite the fact that we know they are doomed in some way.

I always feel like I want to do my career my own way.

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