Marg Helgenberger Height, Measurements, Weight, Bra Size


Marg Helgenberger Body Statistics

Marg Helgenberger Measurements: 32-25-33

Body Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)

Height: 5′ 6″ (167 cm)

Bra Size: 32C

Official Dress Size: 4

Official Shoe Size: 6.5

Natural Eye Color: Blue

Natural Hair Color: Red

Similar Measurements: Jordana Brewster, Olivia Wilde, Kristin Davis

Marg Helgenberger Personal Details

Birthday: November 16, 1958

Origin: Fremont, Nebraska, United States

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (Sun), Aquarius (Moon). Chinese Astrology: Earth Dog

Faith/Religion: Catholic

Job Title: Film/Television Actress

Claim To Fame: Her most recognizable role came as Catherine Willows on the television investigative drama entitled CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Many will also recognize her for her role as Karen Charlene Koloski on the series China Beach (1988-91). Meanwhile, she has also been cast in a variety of major motion pictures including: Peacemaker, The Cowboy Way, Species, and Mr. Brooks.

Money Net Worth: Her lengthy career starring on television and in film has awarded the actress approximately $20 million in overall money net worth.

Personal Relationships: Alan Rosenberg (1986-08), Alan Finkelstein (2010).

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Famously Spoken Words By Marg Helgenberger

I’m Catholic, he’s Jewish, and it was just easier to elope.

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