Sandra Bullock’s Beverly Hills House: Pics of Her $23 Million Manision

Sandra Bullock Beverly Hills Mansion

Ditch the man and buy a mansion seems to be the number one highlight in Sandra Bullock’s playbook. This millionaire actress already owns several homes but apparently has room in her portfolio ‘closet’ for one more ‘little’ purchase.

Sandra Bullock has long been listed among the top Hollywood powerhouse stars and her personal net worth is said to be in excess of $120 million bucks. With deep pockets and a toddler in hand Bullock can easily afford to live where she likes, and right now she is liking Beverly Hills, California just fine.

This latest piece of real estate cost the award-winning actress nearly $23 million dollars. The property in question is a 7 bedroom, 8 bath estate that provides more than 8000 sq. ft. of living space. This is more than enough room for Bullock and her son to create their own private world, safe from prying eyes and nosy reporters.

Sandra Bullock Beverly Hills Mansion Pictures

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Lead glass windows; an enormous swimming pool; a work-out room and fitness center; and the Tudor architectural style are a few of the special features. The kitchen is outfitted to meet the demands of any true gourmet chef. Even the landscaping of this magnificent is meticulously detailed and ‘designed to impress’.

Interestingly enough you will not find the star’s name listed on the real estate documents. However records do show that the entity listed as the buyer is working expressly for Sandra Bullock.

This fabulously gated estate includes 4.1 acres of land, a 4 car garage and residences for any live-in staff members.

Bullock can add this choice piece of real estate to the list of homes she owns that includes a beachfront abode on Tybee Island; a New Orleans residence and a small 3 bedroom bungalow located near the famed Chateau Marmont in LA.

photo credit: Splash

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